Chicago is the third-largest city in the country, and in a large place like this, there are so many places to live. And if you are looking to buy a home in Chicago and wonder where in this large, diverse city you should live, look no further than the Logan Square neighborhood. Logan Square is just one of the many vibrant and diverse neighborhoods that make Chicago a great city to live in. And if you are feeling the itch of living in the urban jungle of Chicago then I can happily say that Logan Square is a neighborhood that I think you should check out.

In Logan Square, the powerful neighborly connections are seen all around, from landmarks to lounges, from monuments to markets. Logan Square is a great place for homeowners to search for a home and one of the great historical neighborhoods in the city. As I said, Logan Square is a very diverse neighborhood and boasts a large Hispanic population, several Eastern European ethnic groups and African Americans living in this ever-vibrant neighborhood.  Another great thing among Logan Squares diversity is the many attractions of Logan Square which are various and worth partaking in as well.

One such attraction is the unofficial landmark of the Logan Theatre that is outfitted with a large neon sign that lets you know where you are and what you will benefit from when you live here. An old school theatre outfitted with modern updates. If you are a Spring, Summer and Fall type of person and enjoy the sight of fresh produce that’s outside a grocery store you will love the Logan Square Farmers Market, which is shared with other neighborhoods, like Belmont-Cragin, and aptly named after the neighborhood itself. And speaking of historic Logan Square is home to Chicago’s 56th Mayor and it’s first female African American LGBTQ mayor.

And this is just a taste of what Logan Square has to offer, a population of 73,702 people with multiple diverse backgrounds. The median home value is $339,000 and median rent at an average of $990 dollars. It’s a great place to live especially if you want to live somewhere that has plenty to do, very diverse and is a staple of the Chicago experience. Logan Square is ranked #27 as the best place for young professionals in Chicago and #66 as the most diverse places to live in Chicago. There is no place in the city or nation that feels like Logan Square and when you experience Logan Square it feels like home.