Conversation is the main building block for the creation and the maintaining of any relationship. It is the gateway to getting what you want from the person you’re interacting with, if you can properly navigate through it and avoid major pitfalls along the way. You may think that starting a conversation and it being a productive and informative should be, on the surface, easy. Well you’d be wrong. Whether it’s the beginning of a new friendship, relationship or, as this is about, business relationship getting the most out of the initial conversation can be very difficult. What exactly do you do, you want to build rapport, but you don’t have anything to use to start the conversation and keep them interested enough to continue and get information from them? Well, here are some things you can do in order to get the most right from the start.


We all know the “I’m just looking” response. We want more information from the lead to help them better look for a home, but they dismiss us with this single response. There is a wealth of knowledge you have and want to share but you can’t because “they’re just looking”. So how do you handle such a brushoff response so you can get more information out of them? One good way is to turn it into a general conversation starter. People love to talk, especially about themselves. Respond with something along the lines of “That’s good to hear. You should always look thoroughly before you buy anything. Out of curiosity, what type of home are you looking for.” This works because you address their statement. Validate their statement as a good decision and make yourself look more interested in what they want.


No matter what it is, Buyers will have misconceptions about everything. Your job is to dispel those misconceptions and bring the facts of the process to the floor. This helps get more out of a lead because the more knowledgeable you come off, the more that person trusts you enough to continue through the process. One misconception is that a you don’t need a broker. Now yes, it is possible to buy a home without a broker but why would you? You’d be going into the home buying process blind. A broker can handle all the stress and paperwork you’d have to put yourself through making your homebuying experience as smooth as possible. And there are a lot of situations that can occur that you would not be able to handle that a broker could. Once you shower them with the knowledge about what a broker can do for you, they may start singing like a bird and give you all the information you need to better assist them in the home buying process.