The Summer of 2019 is heating up and so too is the real estate market here in Chicago. But just because we are in the dog days of summer doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of selling your house or that it’s too late to put your house up on the market. The summer brings out two unique groups of buyers in full force because the weather is perfect, and they have so much time on their hands. Those two groups are Parents, who may want to find a new place to live that is closer to better schools in preparation for the school year and People with expiring leases. These two groups are prime reasons you shouldn’t get lazy during the summer season, they’re here and they are hungry to buy. And to help you with staying in the game we’ve listed 3 of our favorite ways to make your home stand out from the crowd.


When you are selling your home obviously you should have it nice and tidy for potential buyers who come and check it out. But some of us aren’t as adamant when it comes to keeping a clean home and sometimes, we let cleaning slip, especially If we aren’t getting lots of looks. But that doesn’t mean that you should just let things slide. Stay on top of the cleaning of the home and remember to de-clutter anything that doesn’t make your home as appealing as it could be. Stay persistent and keep things clean.



Each room should have a defining piece that draws the eye and attention of any buyer that comes to look at your home. Wherever the eye goes the heart tends to follow and if a buyer has something that catches their eye it may be enough for the home to catch their heart. Plan a focal point for each room in the house, no room is exempt and shouldn’t be. You should give a room that one feature or item that makes it an eye-catcher for any potential buyer.



One of the last things that you can do to make your home stand out from the crowd is listening to your realtor. Your realtor is there to aid you in selling your home. They have all the knowledge to guide you properly to a successful sale. Sometimes sellers believe they know how to properly sell their home because they know what makes their home so appealing. And while that may be true, you may know your home better than them, having a guiding hand to help can also be an incredible asset and lead to good results. So, listen to your realtor and consider all the advice they give you and I guarantee that your home will stand out in any crowd.